Addiction Counselling

What is addiction counselling?

Addiction counselling is a type of counselling highly specialized in the recovery of addiction. By recognizing addiction as a disease, the focus is placed on the underlying causes rather than the incorrectly applied solutions (drugs and alcohol). During the counselling sessions conversations about the client’s past are had to uncover possible trauma or life events that led to this path.

 After a thorough evaluation of the issues, the therapist or counsellor can create a specialized plan for treatment of the issues that need to be addressed. The process of addiction counselling is extremely cathartic and when approached with honesty, open-mindedness and willingness can be extremely effective.

How is counselling different from treatment?

Counselling is the core practice at a treatment center. However, not everyone is willing or able to commit to a stay at a treatment center. Many people who begin counselling sessions often realize that a stay at a center is required and escalate their treatment. Others prefer to continue the treatment they have received with regular counselling sessions once they have returned to their daily lives.

What is the role of the counsellor?

Choosing the right counsellor is the most important decision anyone will make after making the decision to undergo counselling. A good counsellor creates a therapeutic environment built on a relationship of mutual respect and genuine care for the wellbeing of the client. The counsellor will encourage recovery by helping clients recognize problematic behaviors and empowering them to take action and change these behaviors. Once the decision to seek treatment for addiction has been made, it’s important that clients are well equipped to avoid relapse in the future. Preventing relapse requires more than just the willpower to say “no” when temptation arises, and prevention needs to start early in the recovery process. Developing a comprehensive relapse prevention plan is an essential function of the counselor’s role in addiction recovery.

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