Addiction Treatment Placement (Drug Rehab Centers)

What is addiction treatment or rehab?

Alcohol and drug addiction is treatable, but it requires help from experienced professionals. Certified counsellors and staff work with clients in a comprehensive way, to address physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. Through individual and group counselling, clients create a personal treatment plan, learn life skills, behavioural skills, set employment/educational goals, and develop healthy daily routines.

All of the facilities in the WeDoRecover network employ a therapy regime similar to the outlined below due to its high rate of success: 

  1. Detox – Under medical supervision, your body is given time to purge itself of all traces of drugs and alcohol. Depending on the level of substances in your system this can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
  2. Individual Counselling – Addiction Counselling is a type of behavioral therapy that seeks to address the underlying causes of addiction and arm you with strategies and mechanisms for avoiding relapse. It is a way to gain support, avoid relapse and learn to repair relationships.
  3. Group Therapy – The opposite of addiction is connection and group therapy facilitates building relationships. These relationships are crucial to prevnting isolation while in treatment.
  4. 12-Step Facilitation – Although many people have heard of the 12-step program, few understand what the steps mean let alone what they are. This  therapy provides a clear road map to lasting recovery. You follow these steps throughout your treatment, in aftercare, and during your independent recovery at home. 
  5. Recovery Plan Development – A good recovery plan combines elements of behaviour modification steps with relapse prevention methods.

Post treatment – What is life like after addiction?

Immediately upon completing treatment, many clients describe living in a Pink Cloud brought on the by the euphoria and elation of early recovery. Like any honeymoon phase, this one doesn’t last forever either. As the realities of everyday living begin to sink in some people are unable to cope with the stress.

At WeDoRecover, we partner with centers and specialists that emphasize the development of a comprehensive post-treatment plan to increase your chances of success. Just remember – you weren’t always an addict and lived a full life before alcohol or drugs and can live that life again!

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Inpatient treatment refers to the treatment of substance use disorders in a residential setting. A person engaging in an inpatient addiction treatment program lives at the treatment facility full-time. Inpatient rehab can begin with medically assisted detoxification. After completing inpatient treatment, some people may step down to more flexible care options like outpatient treatment, or 2nd stage where they can practice newfound recovery skills while still receiving clinical support.

Outpatient treatment allows people to continue their normal day-to-day activities. Outpatient treatment can be scheduled around a person’s work hours to avoid interruption and offering clients flexibility while still providing a high standard of care.

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