Recovery Coaching

What is a Recovery/Sober Coach/Sober Companion?

A Recovery Coach is a trained professional that will assist in the execution of a Recovery Plan. The Recovery Plan is typically developed during a stint at a treatment or rehab facility It is a blueprint for changing behaviours that have led to addiction in the past. The Coach will hold the client accountable when they make poor choices and encourage them to continue making positive choices. Since recovery is not a singular event, but a lifelong journey, a Sober Coach provides the support and guidance necessary to ensure a smooth transition and success in recovery.

How Does a Recovery Coach Help?

Some clients choose to engage a Recovery Coach before entering treatment and find success. Others often start with a Coach who then guides them into the most appropriate center, continues to monitor them throughout treatment, and assists in the execution of the Recovery Plan. In the vast majority of cases a Recovery Coach is engaged post-treatment to assist with the transition back to the real world. The Coach helps the client identify situations that may trigger and relapse and develop a plan to cope or avoid them altogether. The coach will also assist in setting short and long term goals to give the client something to work towards and celebrate when achieved.

Choosing a Recovery Coach

The best coaches combine professional certifications with a long history of sobriety themselves. This allows them to bring a clinical and personal approach to the role. Call us today to speak with Bert and determine if he or one of the other coaches in the WeDoRecover network are a fit for you or your loved one.

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