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Our Mission

The opposite of addiction is connection.

Our mission is to connect individuals struggling with addiction with the recovery services they, or a loved one, need to begin their recovery journey.


Our Vision

Overcoming stigma and removing obstacles.

We strive to provide a compassionate and friction free experience for those needing help taking the first step of their recovery journey.


Our Values




Alberto (Bert) Pasqualotto CCAC, CCRC

Alberto (Bert) Pasqualotto CCAC, CCRC

Since beginning his recovery journey in 2006, Bert has been an active member of the recovery community in British Columbia, Canada.

Over the years he has helped countless individuals overcome the stigma of addiction and enter treatment so they can go on to live fulfilling lives.

Bert is an acrredited CCAC (Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor), CCRC (Canadian Certified Recovery Coach) and the driving force behind WeDoRecover and aims to deliver a personlized level of care to anyone who reaches out.

Contact Bert today to begin your recovery journey.

Our Partners

Together We Can

Together We Can

Together We Can Addiction Recovery & Education Society was founded in 1993 and since then has become one of Canada’s leading treatment centres. Located in Metro Vancouver, TWC’s mission is to educate and support people and their families who struggle with the challenges of substance misuse and desire a new life in recovery.

Logo - Crossing The Threshold

Crossing The Threshold

Crossing The Threshold, as a company, is a resource to all who need support within their life, or struggle with mental health, and addiction. It is a place where the afflicted, and their family’s come to gain insight to make sense of a chaotic world.

Steve Braun

Steve Braun Coaching & Counselling

Steve Braun combines his training and experience to provide a personal, strengths-based approach to support persons struggling with addictions to overcome their challenges and become whole in body, mind and spirit.

Sarah V

New Westminster, BC

When I first met my husband I knew he liked to drink a little too much. I was hoping he would reduce his intake after we got married and had our first child. Unfortunately the drinking only got worse.

Bert helped coordinate an intervention and my husband agreed to enter in-patient treatment. He came out after 90 days a new man.

I am SO grateful to have met Bert. He has made it possible to picture a bright future for my family and me.

Craig G

Fort McMurray, AB

I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t think anyone or anything could help me quit drinking. I first met Bert in treatment and his compassionate and caring approach made me believe in myself and gave me the strength I needed to face my demons. I’ve been clean and sober now for 3 years and I wake up every morning filled with gratitude.

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