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The opposite of addiction is connection. Connect with us today to begin your recovery journey.

At We Do Recover, our Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellors work with individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We offer addiction counselling, recovery coaching, and interventions. Should a stay at a registered rehab facility be required, we can help facilitate placement at one of our trusted partner centers.

Addiction Myths


Myth #1

Addiction is a choice. The user could just stop if they wanted to.


Myth #2

Drug addicts are bad people.


Myth #3

You can’t be an addict if you hold down a job.


Myth #4

Alcohol addiction isn’t as bad as drug addiction.


Myth #5

You must hit rock bottom to have a successful recovery.

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I think I may have a problem with drugs or alcohol

How do I know if I’ve crossed the line from a recreational user to an abuser and, ultimately, to an addict? While the statistics vary depending on the type of substance (alcohol, pain killers, etc…) make no mistake, that if left untreated, substance abuse could turn into full blown addiction.

Addiction Recovery
Addiction Recovery

Someone I care about may have a problem

Is a loved one’s alchohol use or “weekend” drug use worrying you? At what point will their “recreational enjoyment” of substances become a bigger problem that will affect their health and your family and finances?

Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Treatment Placement
If and when you’ve decided that an inpatient or outpatient treatment program is right for you let us connect you with our network of treatment centers to find the right fit for your recovery needs.

Addiction Counselling

For those not ready for treatment, WeDoRecover can connect you with our network of professionals that can help you stay safe and work towards treatment goals.

Conversely, addiction counselling can support persons leaving treatment needing that additional support.


Often times an addict may not realize they have a problem or is resistant to change and a more direct approach is required. Our experienced and accredited interventionists will carefully plan a process with family and friends.
Recovery Coaching

Our experienced and accredited recovery coaches help remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery. They serve as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.

Take the 1 -Minute Self Assessment Questionnaire

These 12 questions will help determine if you or a loved one needs help.

Alcohol Questionnaire   |   Substance Abuse Questionnaire